Why Subfloor Ventilation is Important for your Health

Why Subfloor Ventilation is Important for your Health

Mould growth is one of the leading reasons to cause structural damage to houses. If you haven’t made any efforts to address this issue in your own house, then it is about time that you start taking things seriously. The majority of the times, mould can be prevented with just a little bit of caution. It might be tempting to invest money on new floorings, tiles, paintjobs and all the visually aesthetically appealing things of your house, but in the long run, if you want to sustain the value of your property then what matters the most is how you battle against mould, damp and other such problems. There are numerous ways through which you could prevent mould in your home, with one of them being sub floor ventilation. With adequate sub floor ventilation, you could resolve the majority of the mould problems in your house to enhance its structural integrity, and at the same time, make sure that your home stays in a good condition. 

One of the main reasons why mould related issues should be addressed is because they can contribute to numerous health issues. However, when we speak about health issues, mould isn’t the only aspect that concerning nowadays. Amidst the pandemic, finding an all in one solution to promote hygiene has become a must. This applies specially to public institutes such as school. If you want to provide the students with a healthy environment, then apart from getting proper mould solution, what’s also important is hiring an expert team for school disinfection. If you’re thinking that who could provide you with such a solution, then Doctor Damp is here for you. Our team specialises in providing mould related solutions and at the same time, offer school disinfection services. So, why you should trust us to help you promote hygiene? Let’s see. 

Perfect Mould Solution 

No one likes mould in their homes, and if you want to either get rid of it, or prevent it to begin with, then Doctor Damp would happily assist you. Our team specialises in providing numerous solutions for all the mould related problems you could possibly think of! On top of that, we also have years of experience to back up our expertise. Whether you want to go for sub floor ventilation to reduce or avoid mould, or any other solution according to your house, we would happily assist you. After all, it is mould, damp, pollens and other environmental hazards that contribute to long-term health issues. 

School Disinfections  

The main reason why we provide mould removal services is so we’re able to provide our customers with a healthy living environment. However, if you’re not able to disinfect your surroundings, especially amidst this global pandemic, then there’s no point to anything. Disinfecting large commercial institutes and buildings can be difficult. However, Doctor Damp specialises in School Disinfection as well, so you do not have to worry about a thing! Make sure that all your students and staff members stay safe by getting your school regularly disinfected by our professional team. 

Property Value 

Ultimately, the reason there’s so much emphasis on mould removal is also due to the fact that it can increase your property value in the long run. Far too many people make the mistake of not addressing mould problems on early stages and end up facing severe consequences. Spending some money on things such as subfloor ventilation or other solutions that helps you battle mould is only a reasonable investment. Properties that have mould see a significant decline in their overall prices, therefore, you do not want to be on the wrong end of the bargain. Opting for subfloor ventilation is a great way to battle mould related issues and who is better than Doctor Damp to help you do it!  


Promoting hygiene has become more important than ever and if you want to keep your loved ones safe, then it is important that apart from taking mould seriously, disinfecting your surroundings is also prioritised just as much. This applies especially on educational institutes. Therefore, to keep the health of your students at best, make sure that you call Doctor Damp for school disinfection. At the same time, if there are mould related issues in the school, then you could get them addressed as well. 

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