Two ways to elevate any space.

Two ways to elevate any space.

When designing a home, an office, or any other building now, the main idea is to stand out. Gone are the days of little creativity and total conformity. Now, we want the place that we live or work in to be an ode to our personal aesthetic style. With such an immense importance on aesthetic value and individual style these days, everything we work on becomes a project. And of course, there can be no project bigger than the home we live in, or our workplace. If you want to step up your interior décor game, there can be no way better than to work with the space you already have. Décor comes later – what can make your space stand out is how you upgrade the existing space. If you’re wondering how you can do this, keep reading below. We’re going to be discussing two techniques that can help you elevate any space in an architectural masterpiece. Perforated metal screens and attractive wallpaper can help you elevate any space you have to the next level. Here’s how. 

The functionality of a metal screen  

Before we dive into the aesthetic value of the metal screen, we can discuss the functionality of the screen. Many décor items serve an aesthetic function purely, but the perforated metal screen is not one of them. For starters, it can be a great way to separate an otherwise big space. If you want to create divisions in a big room, adding a perforated metal screen can be a great way. Additionally, it can divide up a room without making the space feel too enclosed or cut off. These metal screens can be a great way to create privacy within bigger spaces as well, as they can help enclose off one area. In terms of privacy, they can be a great way of hiding unsightly spaces as well. Depending on the design you pick, metal screens can hide away a large portion of what’s behind them. Besides, they are great for shielding your space from too much sun, while still permitting airflow. 

The aesthetic value of a metal screen.  

The perforated metal screen is genuinely beyond the commonplace, and can help elevate any bland space into something truly stunning. The options of how you can use the metal screen are virtually limitless. These screens can be used to connect rooms and even to serve as windows. This can help add an innovative touch to your building’s exterior. The material used in these screens makes them malleable, which means they can be twisted into various shapes to fit rooms. These screens are absolutely essential for a sleek, modern look, as they can add dimension to a room as no other thing can. Paired with statement walls, the metal screen can light up any room and reduce the need for you to do much else.  

Statement walls to complete the look 

The right wallpaper in Melbourne to go with your perforated metal screen can be all you need for a stunning room. Wall coverings can come in a range of finishes, textures, and prints, and the right one can light up any room. When you think of modern wallpaper, don’t think of the colourful prints you had as a kid. Wallpapers these days are incredibly innovative and come in luxe performance textiles that add immense depth and character to a room. These wallpapers are built to stand apart, and adding a statement wallpaper to one wall can be an innovative way of drawing any visitor’s eye. With fabric wall coverings, you can create a stunning space that is truly memorable.  


If you’re looking for something truly inspiring, head over to Baresque. Here, you can find the most stunning perforated metal screens as well as the most luxe, long-lasting wallpapers. No matter what your project is, Baresque can help make it even better than what you have in mind. Get expert opinions on what will make your project stand out and create a space that you can proudly show off. Whether you want to go the traditional route or do something more innovative, they have products for each of your needs.  

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