Tips for Coming up with a Name for Your Website

Tips for Coming up with a Name for Your Website

Naming your website is a lot like naming a brand or a company. It’s possibly even more important because you have to base a URL for your website based on the brand. There are hardly any rules when it comes to naming a company. You can choose just about anything as long as it doesn’t violate copyright laws or sound too similar to an existing brand. Naming a website is quite similar, but there are more rules to follow. Here are several tips for coming up with a really good name for your website:

Check for Similarities

First of all, the golden rule is that your website name should not sound too similar to any other existing websites. This is a bit tricky to do because there are millions of websites out there. When you do the domain name registration process, the registrar will look up the URL name you have chosen. However, the registrar will not look up whether web addresses sound similar. For example, and are technically two different domains. Therefore, it’s possible to register both domains. However, to human eyes, they look very similar, which is not good for business. You will have to spend some time searching online for other domains that sound very similar to the one you have chosen.

Keep It One Word

If possible, keep the web address just one word, like Amazon, Google, Yahoo, or Gap. The web address will be short, which means it’s very easy for consumers to remember and type. When people use handheld devices like smartphones, having a URL that is easy to type is important. For brands, one word names are far more preferred anyway.

It Must be Memorable

If there is more than one word in the name of your company, like The New York Times, you will have to combine it all into one word. Then again,, is a rather long name that could be confusing to remember, and also misspell. So the company has just shortened it into, which is easier to remember. Web addresses, above all, must be memorable. The target audience should be able to recall it on a whim to type into a search engine.

Avoid Numbers or Characters

To further elaborate the above point, avoid using numbers or characters like dashes in your URL. There are only a limited number of characters allowed in web addresses anyway. The main reason people don’t use them is because these symbols can complicate remembering a web address. Also, adding numbers can make a domain sound like a variation of another web address. So avoid these and keep it simple as mentioned above.

Get the Right Extension

The domain extension is the .com or the .org that you add to the end of the address. For most websites, .com is sufficient. Depending on the nature of your business, consider if .org or a .net extension would be more suitable for your site. Though .com does have an advantage of making it easy for people to remember. However, do avoid obscure domain extensions like .biz that are rarely used and some don’t even know exists.

In addition, if your target audience is going to be mainly located in a certain country, you should get a country extension, like. au or .nz, find out appropriate business solution, go to Country extensions are advantageous because Google prioritize these web addresses for local search and location-based mobile search.

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