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Sleep comfortably in the sheets of your choice!

Sleep comfortably in the sheets of your choice!

We spend around 2900 hours in our lifetime on our bed sheets, yet we fail to really consider them, closely for even a few minutes. Most of think of bed sheets as just something that we toss on the bed and we are good to go. When we go out to buy bed sheets, we usually buy them, based on what we think looks pretty, without ever getting into the nitty gritty details of the materials that we are actually buying. Of course, we are doing ourselves, and our bed, a huge disservice. If we actually get into looking into the various materials that bed sheets come in, we will find that the list is almost endless. Each type of material boasts its own benefits and qualities which can easily leave us baffled. At times, even buying bed sheets can seem like a technical job, as there can be several things that we need to do our research about before we actually hand in our money. Researching the qualities of different materials for the sheets, the thread count and buying sheets based on our climate and preferences can be a tricky job but luckily for you, we are here to make the job simpler, with three pointers you need to keep in mind the next time you buy sheets. 

  1. In the summer months, we have all gotten in bed only to feel extremely suffocated and warm all of a sudden. While we tend to blame this solely on the sweltering heat, the reality is actually much different. Many times, the bed sheets we end up buying can be made out a dense material. This is exactly the reason why getting in bed can feel almost as if we climbed right into our oven. For maximum comfort, we need to ensure that we get sheets which are made out of a light, breathable fabric. This sort of fabric can let air pass through the sheets all night long so that we never wake up because of hot flashes or night sweats. Egyptian cotton sheets can be one type of sheets which can be extremely breathable so that we can sleep the night away without ever feeling suffocated.  
  2. A lot of mostly think of putting in effort to research different thread counts of sheets only when we are looking to buy really high quality sheets. There is a huge difference that the thread count can make in determining how comfortable and uncomfortable our sheets are. While a very large thread count doesn’t necessarily mean the sheet will be the greatest around, an ideal range can be about 300-400. Sheet sets Australia with this thread count can be extremely comfortable, and can have us feel as if we are sleeping on the clouds. With bed sheets with the ideal thread count we can fall asleep as soon as we slip under the covers! Egyptian cotton, silk and other cotton blends are ideal if we want to maximise comfort.
  3. There is one more thing that we need to keep in mind when looking to buy sheet sets Australia. We have all noticed that so many of our sheets either end up fraying over time, or they can get wrinkled and faded. Having such a sheet covering our bed can mean that the entire bedroom will look like it’s a little under the weather. In contrast, if we get sheets with not just a good thread count but sheets made from premium materials, we can make sure that no matter how many years pass, the sheets still look as good as day one! This is because sheets with a good thread count and premium materials are not just more resistant to wear and tear, but it also means that the dyes can soak in much more deeply.  

At Luxor Linen you can find the perfect sheet sets to go with the rest of your furniture, and the perfect sheets to make sure that you fall asleep in seconds. Their sheet sets not only come in a wide range of colours and patterns, but also a wide range of premium materials to make sure that you invest in only best. 

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