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Head On Over To South Africa For Your Next Vacation! 

Head On Over To South Africa For Your Next Vacation! 

As it is the summer, people often like to leave the country and go on vacation to several places. Common places to visit are usually the UAE, UK or places like the Maldives and other luxury islands. As travelling is a great experience to spend time with the family, or simply get out and see more of the world, it should be encouraged to diversify and see new places on the map. For example, Africa. As South Africa is probably still fresh in your minds for hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Upon arrival in the Cape Town International Airport, you will have the opportunity to visit several popular places. Moreover, be exposed to a new culture which you have never encountered and be privileged to visit an entirely new continent which not many people really consider when making their travel plans. Get out of Sydney and experience what it’s like on the other side. Going from one big city to another can give you a new perspective on things.

South Africa tours from Sydney include stays in some of the best hotels possible. Depending on the package you choose you will even have the chance of getting put up in the Hilton, depending on the package.  The tour Packages come in a selection of 3, which include 5 day, 6 day and 4-night packages for tours of South Africa. The Zanzibar tour packages each have their own varying difference between them. The last 4-night package includes the opportunity to drive yourself around the city and customise your stay and experience whichever way you may see fit. According to their website, they ensure that there I much to see in Cape Town and you will be overcome by the people’s hospitality. 

Moreover, you have the ability to experience the wildlife as seen on all those TV shows on Nat Geo! Kruger National Park offers one of, if not the best Safari tour in the world. You have the opportunity to come across all sorts of wildlife including cheetahs, lions, and elephants. Your South Africa tours from Sydney would not be complete without going for a safari tour. It would also be a great attraction if you are coming with children. However, even otherwise, it would be a wonderful experience to encounter the wildlife seen on TV, that too so up-close and personal. 

You will also have the chance to come across Cape Peninsula which is one of South Africa’s coastlines with the Atlantic Ocean. They call it one of the most spectacular views in the world.  Other than that, there is a cable car ride going to the top of ‘Table Mountain’ which is considered one of the great wonders of the natural world. After which you will return to your hotel, where you can spend the rest of the evening unwinding. You also have the leisure of exploring the City of Cape Town as you please. As a tourist, it is great to know the city you are visiting, so consider getting a car or taxi and going about the city.

Therefore, consider 20twentyplus for their tours. Coming from Sydney, it is a great change of scenery and a wonderful place to get away to. Other than that, simply being in such a natural environment, yet still being in the big city has its own charm.

Head on over to 20twentyplus’s website for more travel destinations across Africa. Consider them for whenever you want to see more of the African continent as there is simply so much to see.

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