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Exploring The Racehorse Industry

Exploring The Racehorse Industry

Both, buying racehorse shares for sale Sydney or projecting inclination towards owning a horse, will require certain knowledge. Information regarding buying a racehorse would be an exceptional experience if you know basics. Therefore, in this article, we have tried to give ample input to make it easy for you to buy a horse for racing purpose.  

First of all, it is a must to mention that seeing horses in stable or races gives an idea of how they should look like; what they must be fed, and how they should be kept.  

Key Types of Racehorse:  

Following are some of the main features that should be kept in mind while buying a racehorse.  

  1. Thoroughbred

Breeding of a horse that is taken up to make a racehorse marks significance. It means that you have to consider breed as well as a number of dame’s offspring that successfully cleared expectations of the buyer. However, there are other aspects too which can’t be ignored. Those are mentioned below: 

•    Knowing which horse do you want? As in, do you want a speedy horse or those with progressive kind? These all are determined by the mother horse. So, you need to know and understand which type of horses are given birth by the dame.  

•    Keeping in mind the real picture of a dame, you can easily speculate about its kind – as in if it is going to be good enough to give birth to racehorses or not.  

•    You must know if the dame had offspring that won races. In that case, you must know how many of them got injured and why.  

2.    The tone of Muscles: 

What do muscles denote? Well, they are the right means of showcasing health and fitness. Racers always tend to have lots of lean muscles which serves as power. While selecting a thoroughbred, you must check hind legs. That is the spot where muscles are developed and forced in running fast. Muscles on the shoulders of a horse also play an important role. However, you won’t get to see them in a young horse. Forearm muscles are always great to look at but doesn’t make much difference.  

3.    Horse’s Coat:  

Always remember that a healthy and fit horse would have shine on its coat. So, bearing that in mind, you have to look for a horse that has shone on its coat. It serves as an indicator of best health. Being the owner, people invest a lot on the horse’s health to maintain shine. Having said that, it is a must factor to look at.  

4.    Structure of the Bone: 

Conformation and structure of bones are very important. Horse’s bones should be in proportion and must be seen from every angle. There should be plenty of bones in the structure of the horse. Also, remember that thin bones of a heavy horse are not considered good and should be avoided. Feet structure explains if the horse can carry its own weight or not. Make horse move around to check if bones are functioning the way they should.  

5.    Overall Appearance:  

Every horse has some flaw. However, appearance matters. So, look for big eyes and ears, with a wider jaw and nostrils. Big nostrils allow the horse to breathe properly, whereas bigger eyes ensure about the alertness. 

6.    Balance:  

This is another key factor of a racehorse which denotes about the right pick of a racehorse. So, for balance you have to check alignment in the form of an equal length of hips, neck, and back. There are horses with different sizes and types. However, the best is one which is proportional well. Younger ones are higher in withers because they have to grow in the years to come. Horses are 99 percent grown by the age of five.  

7.    Manners:  

Owners are proud of horses with manners. Just like humans, horses also have to have a cool temper. That allows them to be smarter and more focused on the task they are assigned. Cool tempered, relaxed, and calm horses are thus the right pick. Reason being, hot-tempered ones tend to burn energy unnecessarily. On the other hand, horses who neigh a lot or are always or mostly pulling their partner around are excited and nothing else. They are at times just too overwhelmed and ready to start the race.  

Last Verdict – Conclusion: 

Last but not least; racehorses are full of spirits and have certain human attributes. Also, they want to win the race and love being treated well. In short, you have to look after racehorse very differently and have to invest a lot to maintain their health and fitness. 

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