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Buy Inverters That Last!

Buy Inverters That Last!

It is important to have backup power sources in Australia to run life smoothly especially during the scorching summer waves. There’s nothing better than having the efficient power inverters by your side to serve the purpose at hand. There was a time when UPS had a way in to fulfil the power needs of people but after the arrival of inverters, a table has changed in the favour of the later. It is very critical to have a correct inverter on board in order to make the most out of it. There are many power backup alternatives available in Australia, it is hence important to be aware of all of them so you could have a top-notch understanding about each option to help you in making the right decision. 

Elinz in Australia has been providing credible power inverters of 12V to 24V or as per your custom needs. These inverters are not only compact but durable and of high quality as well, simultaneously. So, if you are looking out for pocket-friendly, compact and well-functioning options then pure sine wave inverters are your calling.  

A person must take a few key considerations before putting its hands on to any product, up for grabs in the market. Because buying an inverter is an investment and one should work towards ensuring that the investment is worth it. Considering this, below are given a few tips that one must go through before buying an inverter in Australia, such as: 

Assess Power Consumption Needs 

A key consideration while buying the power inverter Australia is knowing beforehand the consumption needs of your house, office, car or other relevant assets. You can assess the VA rating of an inverter provided you know which appliances or electronics are to be powered back-up through the inverter and then about the watts they would consume to keep them running throughout the day. Goes without saying that you cannot run everything on an inverter, therefore, assessing the need is critical in this regard so you could choose the device of an adequate size. 

UPS Vs. Inverters 

You should be aware of the usage of the power back up in order to better realize whether you need an inverter Australia or a UPS. Though both serve the same purpose, UPS trigger the power supply without interrupting the device operation during the switching phase while inverter tends to lead to a bit of a black-out session before start supplying power alternative to the devices. This is the main reasons that Laptops, Desktop, and other commercial office devices are backed-up for electricity via UPS instead of an inverter. 

Consider Types of Appliances 

It is imperative to take into consideration the types of devices or appliances which can be powered up through the inverters in Australia. For instance, if you want to supply alternate power to refrigerator then it is important to choose inverters with high VA ratings and sizes in order to be able to fulfill the needs at hand without causing any kind of shortage, leading to a mishap or a misfortune.  

VA Vs. Watt Ratings 

Often manufacturers in Australia claim to be offering power Inverter which has similar VA and Watt ratings in order to make a promising but misleading impact. Bear in mind, it is not practically possible to have similar ratings of both VA and Watts. Reason being, these terms cannot be used interchangeably. Devices which are needed to be power backed-up are measured in Watts while alternate power supplying devices such as inverters, UPS or generators have VA ratings, a product of voltage and current being supplied by the equipment. Therefore, never confuse the two like the one or the same thing. 


It is important that you invest your money in those power inverters which come with a warranty. Because such equipment does not require much maintenance and you should not be concerned about it unless it stops functioning altogether. Therefore, warranty comes handy at such points.  

Lastly, inverters use a portion of its own power to keep its circuitry and cooling fan running; therefore, you cannot find any inverter which is 100% efficient in Australia. Considering this, it is safe and prudent to say that you should always choose a reputable and trustworthy brand of inverters over others.  

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